Our Process

Our Proven, Growth-Focused Process

Digital CX Transformation can be disruptive—impacting day-to-day operations and even your customer’s brand perceptions. To ensure adoption and success, it is critical to carefully consider your entire organization and how new solutions and process changes will integrate. Our process will help you ensure these disruptions lead to positive dynamic changes and not losses in productivity.

Core Tenets

When you partner with SequoiaCX—we deliver world-class digital experiences and help you lay the foundations for successful long-term transformation.

We apply six core tenets—along with our structured, repeatable process—to empower you to drive continuous innovation and growth.

Agile Methodology | Our Process - Core Tenets
Agile Methodology

We embed the values and principles of Agile into everything we do. We focus on people, results, collaboration, and responding to change.

Customer Focus | Our Process - Core Tenets
CX Focus

We are obsessed with customer behaviors, personalities, and needs. Focusing on the customer enables us to craft memorable experiences, overcome hurdles, and deliver value.

Holistic Change | Our Process - Core Tenets
Holistic Change

Adapting to and overcoming change requires executive sponsorship and team buy-in. Ownership and support ensure teams embrace change with courage—rather than apprehension.

Self Sufficiency | Our Process - Core Tenets
Self Sufficiency

Team participation is crucial to ensuring the longevity of your Digital CX transformation. We empower your teams to maintain solutions and avoid the valley of despair.

Project Management | Our Process - Core Tenets
Project Management & Measurement

“Effort and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.” Every effort relentlessly focuses on purpose to overcome roadblocks, make pragmatic decisions, and motivate teams.

Sustainable Environments| Our Process - Core Tenets
Sustainable Environments

We believe in an ecosystem of people and technology working together. We bring the same passion we share for the outdoors to every effort and project our partners entrust to us.

Do. Grow. Repeat.

We approach all of our projects and efforts with an iterative method. Our repeatable process ensures we embrace our tenets, change is structured, success is defined and measured, and improvements are recognized and capitalized on.

SequoiaCX | Our Proven, Results-Focused, & Iterative Process
SequoiaCX | Steps 1 to 3 | Our Proven, Results-Focused, & Iterative Process
SequoiaCX | Steps 4 to 6 | Our Proven, Results-Focused, & Iterative Process
Iterative Value & Success

One Step At A Time.

Phase 1: Discovery
We learn about your goals, hurdles, customers, purpose, and business models. With an accurate measure of your current state and ideal future state—we determine possible solutions and our approach.
Phase 1: Discovery | SequoiaCX | Our Process
Phase 2: Strategy | SequoiaCX | Our Process
Phase 2: Strategy
Customer-focus drives our strategy. We seek to attract, engage with, and delight your customers to ensure a seamless customer journey. We choose solutions that empower your customer interactions to fit your current and future needs.
Phase 3: Plan
A comprehensive project plan identifies milestones, timelines, costs, teams, scope, communications, and KPI’s. An agreed upon scope-of-work and results ensure that success is defined and achieved.
Phase 3: Plan | SequoiaCX | Our Process
Phase 4: Implementation | SequoiaCX | Our Process
Phase 4: Implementation
During this phase, we rapidly iterate. We work with your teams to define requirements as user stories and rapidly develop in sprints. Value is generated and then demonstrated before stakeholders. Change is managed and embraced, collaboratively.
Phase 5: Adoption
We go out of our way to ensure your team has the knowledge, confidence, and skills to leverage new systems and workflows. In addition to comprehensive documentation—we’ll hold hands-on training sessions and workshops to prepare your team for go-live.
Phase 5: Adoption | SequoiaCX | Our Process
Phase 6: Growth | SequoiaCX | Our Process
Phase 6: Growth
The final phase is retrospective. Together we will measure team efficacy, results, ROI, and determine success and areas of improvement. In this way, we solidify successes and capture goals for future projects that prepare your organization for the next step in the journey. Do. Grow. Repeat.

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