Website Pricing

We build websites and digital foundations designed for growth and long-term success.
Website Strategy

Effective websites begin with a strong foundation. Our website strategy will outline the infrastructure, hierarchy, UX, and conversion paths to maximize your investment—and ensure your website supports your current AND future marketing and business operations.


  • Sitemap creation
  • Architecture outline
  • SEO & keyword strategy
  • UX & conversion strategy
  • Navigation & homepage wireframes

Inbound Starter
And Up

Begin your digital journey with a scalable website designed for growth. Starter websites look beautiful and empower your inbound marketing strategy with critical tools for content management, conversions, and lead generation.


  • Homepage
  • Primary product/service pages
  • Blog/news & listing templates
  • Privacy and terms templates
  • Basic CRM/Sales integration*
  • DNS & go-live support

Inbound Growth
And Up

Accelerate your business growth with a custom, fully-equipped website designed to supercharge your inbound marketing strategy. Inbound-ready websites are carefully designed to improve your search rankings, increase engagement, and drive more leads.


  • Everything in Business Starter
  • Landing page templates
  • Conversion page templates
  • Advanced CRM/Sales Integration*
  • Email templates

For Startups and Entrepreneurs

Just getting started? We also offer flexible and scalable options to meet your growing business needs.

* Requires a HubSpot membership—free tier or above. HubSpot subscription price not included.
NOTE: Website hosting and maintenance not included. All new websites include 90 days of support.

What’s Included?

All of our website design packages include:
Website Strategy | Website Design
Website Strategy
Inbound-Ready Websites | Inbound Marketing | SequoiaCX
Responsive Design & UX
Page Copywriting | Website Design
Page Copywriting
Stock Imagery | Website Design
Stock Imagery
Search Engine Optimization | Inbound Marketing | SequoiaCX
Search Engine Optimized
Smart Contact Forms | Website Design
Smart Contact Forms
Testing & Bug Fixes | Website Design
Testing & Bug Fixes
Security Best Practices | Website Design
Security Best Practices
Caching & CDN Website Performance | Website Design
Caching & CDN
DNS & Domain Setup | Website Design
DNS & Domain Setup
Go-Live Support | Website Design
Go-Live Support
90-Day Support | Website Design
90-Day Support

NOTE: Hosting is required and not included. We offer performance website hosting and maintenance separately. Some limitations apply.

Additional & Extras

Custom Graphics & Animations | Website Design
Custom Graphics & Animations
Interactive Elements | Website Design
Interactive Elements
Video Marketing | Inbound Marketing | SequoiaCX
HD Video & Photography
Third-Party Integrations | Website Design
Third-party Integrations

Websites Designed
For Growth

We approach web design with a proven and iterative process that ensures success. By applying the Agile methodology, we separate each project into phases and milestones so that we can focus on delivering the highest-value elements first. By focusing on critical foundational pieces first—we accelerate progress and ensure you see a return on investment as early as possible.

During web projects, we’ll hold regular progress meetings and milestone demonstrations to keep your key stakeholders informed. Our mission is to provide you with the tools and self-sufficiency to continuously meet business goals and ratchet up your capabilities.

Inbound Marketing, Inbound-Ready Website | SequoiaCX

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to build a website?

That will vary based on the size and scope of your website project. Generally, starter websites take between 4–8 weeks—while fully-equipped inbound-ready websites typically require at least eight (8) weeks.

When can we start?

Typically, we can schedule initial discovery and strategy sessions within one to two weeks after contracts are signed.

Do I need HubSpot for an Inbound-Ready Website?

Typically, yes—if you want to take advantage of a complete inbound marketing strategy and maximize your website investment. HubSpot enables organizations to significantly extend their reach, drive marketing results, empower their sales and lead generation processes and grow—with an easy-to-use platform.

While our team specializes in helping organizations grow with HubSpot—if you are already using another CRM or marketing and sales automation software—we can also support your needs.

How quickly can I expect to see results?

That will depend on a number of factors including your current performance—as well as the time and resources you’re willing to invest in inbound marketing efforts such as content generation, SEO, and more.

That said, websites we develop typically see increased engagement and higher conversion rates immediately.

What’s the benefit of a long-term contract?

Successful websites are dynamic and continuously fine-tuned, contributed to, and engaged with. Our long-term contracts and inbound marketing plans provide your organization with access to our full team of experts to support your evolving web, marketing, and business goals at every stage of your journey.

What starts with a solid foundation (your website) soon requires content marketing and search engine optimized (SEO) expertise to help you bring in more organic, high-quality traffic. From there—our experts will help optimize conversions, generate more leads, and empower your sales operations.

Our goal is to offer you flexible options. We can design and develop your website as a single, standalone project—or as part of an ongoing inbound marketing partnership.

Why SequoiaCX Over Another Agency?

Too often, we speak to clients and partners who are disappointed with web or ad agency results. The problem with those agencies is that they are designed and incentivized to deliver the bare minimum—and only what you ask for. They also have a limited understanding of how their solutions impact your business.

SequoiaCX is different. We build partnerships and seek to understand a variety of aspects of your business—so that we can deliver maximum value. Successful digital organizations are able to streamline their customer-focused efforts across sales, marketing, AND service. We aim to provide you with the digital foundations and tools to accelerate growth—as well as support all of your business operations.

Our full-service Digital Customer Experience agency offers expertise in web design, inbound marketing, SEO, IT, cloud solutions, commercial strategy, and more. This is why we are able to design and develop holistic digital foundations and websites that support long-term business growth.