Inbound Pricing

Every project starts with a comprehensive inbound strategy that establishes a plan for success.
Inbound Strategy

Consider us your fractional CMO. Our Inbound Strategy provides you with an effective marketing foundation to expand awareness, attract customers, and drive customer buying decisions.

Every Inbound Strategy includes:

  • Key Messaging & Value Proposition
  • Target Buyer/Customer Personas
  • SEO Research (Top 10+ Keywords)
  • Content Strategy (Content Types & Conversions)
  • Channels & Tactics Overview
  • Website Analysis (Technical, On Page, Sitemap)
  • Benchmarks, Goals, & More…

Business Starter

Ideal for marketing managers and small businesses that are new to inbound and seeking a full-service team to drive results and sustainably ramp up traffic and leads.

Business Starter includes:

  • 4x Blog Articles / Month
  • Blog Promotion
  • Social Media Publishing
  • Keyword Research & On Page SEO
  • 2x Lead Gen Campaigns / Quarter
  • 2x Emails / Quarter (Creation, Send, Reporting)
  • Regular Strategy Sessions
  • PPC/Social Ad Management**

Business Growth

Ideal for small to medium-sized businesses and marketing teams that are looking to scale with aggressive growth goals for their short and long-term future.

Business Growth includes:

  • 8x Blog Articles / Month
  • Blog Promotion
  • Social Media Publishing
  • Keyword Research & On Page SEO
  • 1x Lead Gen Campaign / Month
  • 2x Emails / Quarter (Creation, Send, Reporting)
  • Quarterly Company Newsletter
  • Regular Strategy Sessions
  • PPC/Social Ad Management**

For Startups and Entrepreneurs

Just getting started? We also offer flexible and scalable plans to meet your growing business needs.

* Monthly retainer starting price. All services require a HubSpot license agreement. HubSpot price not included.
** Pay per click and social ad spend budget separate. Discounted rate with inbound retainers.

What’s Included?

Our full-service inbound marketing retainers include:
Landing Pages | Inbound Marketing | SequoiaCX
Persona/Landing Pages
Content Marketing | Inbound Marketing | SequoiaCX
Content Marketing
Smart Forms & Call To Actions | Inbound Marketing | SequoiaCX
Smart Forms & CTAs
Email Marketing | Inbound Marketing | SequoiaCX
Email Marketing
Automation Workflows | Inbound Marketing | SequoiaCX
Conversion Optimization | Inbound Marketing | SequoiaCX
Conversion Optimization
Search Engine Optimization | Inbound Marketing | SequoiaCX
Search Engine Optimization
Monthly Reporting & Metrics | Inbound Marketing | SequoiaCX
Monthly Reporting

Additional Offerings

Our monthly inbound retainers are designed to drive significant growth in your marketing efforts. However, to best support your ongoing needs we offer flexible options and a point system. We also offer additional services:

Inbound-Ready Websites | Inbound Marketing | SequoiaCX
Inbound-Ready Websites
Social Media Advertising & Pay Per Click | Inbound Marketing | SequoiaCX
Paid Advertising (Social & PPC)
Video Marketing | Inbound Marketing | SequoiaCX
Videos & Interactive Media
Sales Enablement | Inbound Marketing | SequoiaCX
Sales Collateral, Sequences, & Playbooks
Inbound Marketing & Website Design Partner Success Model | SequoiaCX

Our Model Is
Partner Success

We offer value-based pricing and a flexible service model to help our clients meet business goals and generate results. Our partner success model provides you with full access to our team of experts for a flat monthly price.

For startups and entrepreneurs just getting started we offer scalable partnership packages to fit your needs and budget. Start your journey to success with SequoiaCX.

Inbound Marketing & Website Design Partner Success Model | SequoiaCX
Customer-Focused Approach | SequoiaCX
Customer-Focused Approach | SequoiaCX

Our Expertise &
Agile Approach

We’re experts in Customer Experience AND Inbound Marketing which means we’re equipped with the strategic business AND IT skills to help actualize growth and success. Our expertise enables us to help organizations onboard scalable technologies and processes—as well as streamline those efforts across marketing, sales, and service teams.

We’re Agile-minded and take an iterative approach to delivering value and results—then build upon those foundations of success. With our partner success model and flexible point system—you’re able to tap into our team of experts so you always have access to the skills and expertise needed for the next leg of the journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long are contracts?

We offer 12 month contract terms, but you have the ability to cancel at any time with 3 months notice.

When can we start?

Typically, we can schedule initial discovery and strategy sessions within one to two weeks.

Do I need HubSpot?

Yes—to take advantage of our full inbound service offering. HubSpot is a central component to our inbound marketing services. HubSpot enables organizations to significantly extend their reach and drive marketing results through a scalable and easy-to-use platform.

We also offer streamlined packages for entrepreneurs and startups who aren’t ready for full inbound marketing and automation. Inquire below for more information.

How does your point system work?

Points are based on the value delivered. You are provided a set amount of points each month to use towards services. The amount of points is dependent on your plan. Unused points rollover each month.

This empowers you to leverage our skills and services in a flexible and strategic manner that best fits your organization. A monthly planning session will help you determine what services are best fit for your objectives.

How quickly can I expect results?

This largely depends on your current and previous marketing efforts, domain rank, and other factors. Results will vary but you can expect to begin seeing initial results within 3–6 months and more significant growth in the 6–12 month timeframe.

For more immediate gains, paid social advertising and PPC campaigns can be used to drive early engagement and boost leads while your inbound efforts compile.

What's the benefit of a long-term contract?

You can’t just set it and forget it and expect success. At SequoiaCX, we partner with your organization to deliver the full-suite of inbound marketing resources you need to grow your digital footprint. 

For one flat monthly price, you receive access to our full team of experts to help with everything you need for success. This includes: blogging, content creation and development, web design, landing pages, email marketing, search engine optimization, conversion optimization, social media management, lead nurturing, CX strategy, monthly reporting, and more.

We are your one-stop-shop. Our partner success model enables us to deliver more value at a lower cost than you’d pay at other agencies.