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How well your website performs and ranks on search engine results pages (SERPs) plays a MASSIVE role in whether or not it’s successful. Our FREE SEO report provides you with important insights into your website’s current health and performance—as well as your largest opportunities for growth.

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Each FREE SEO report is typically 6–8 pages and includes recommendations from our SEO experts on where your highest-value opportunities reside.
Our goal is to help you identify and begin formulating an SEO strategy for growth.
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Every SEO Report Includes:

Our FREE SEO report breaks down the most important factors that contribute to your website’s search performance. This includes your website’s speed, mobile-friendliness, URLs & linking structure, on-page elements, keywords, backlinks, and more.
Free SEO Report | Website Speed & Performance
Speed & Performance

How fast does your website load? Are all of your images optimized? Speed is an important factor for SEO success.

Free SEO Report | Keyword Analysis
Keyword Analysis

What keywords are you already ranking for? How about your competitors? We’ll help identify your largest opportunities.

Free SEO Report | Titles & Descriptions
Titles & Descriptions

Have you optimized pages, blogs, and categories for crawlers AND humans? This is often a great place to start.

Free SEO Report | URLs, Structure, & Backlinks
URLs & Backlinks

URLs and technical infrastructure are important for SEO success. So are links back from “high authority” websites.

Free SEO Report | Mobile Optimization
Mobile Optimization

Is your site responsive? Is it optimized for phones and tablets? Mobile plays a big role in search engine rankings.

Free SEO Report | Expert Insights
Expert Insights

An SEO expert will analyze and review your website to provide you with high-value, actionable recommendations.

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Learn how SequoiaCX can help transform your business to reach new heights!
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