Buyer's Journey Trail Map
Buyer's Journey Trail Map | Example - Buying Stages
Prospect Fit Matrix

The Buyer’s Journey
Trail Map

At SequoiaCX, we’re passionate about helping organizations grow through customer-centric strategies. An effective buying experience is a great way to increase lead engagement, short sales cycles, raise the bottom line, and introduce stability into your revenue operations.

This guide will walk you through the foundations of streamlining your sales process, enabling your sales team, and creating a buying experience that prospects actually enjoy.

In this Trail Map, we’ll cover:

  • Identifying Buyer Personas, Challenges, Desires
  • Mapping Your Ideal “Prospect Fit Matrix”
  • Mapping Challenges & Solutions To Buying Decisions
  • Helping You Overcome Stakeholder Objections
  • Mapping Your Current AND Ideal Sales Process
  • Identifying Goals & KPIs To Measure & Improve
  • & Much More…