SequoiaCX Makes First Contribution To The National Forest Foundation

Announcing Our First Contribution To The National Forest Foundation

National Forest Foundation | Small Business Partner | SequoiaCX
SequoiaCX is a proud small business partner of National Forest Foundation

Today, we’re proud to announce our first contribution to the National Forest Foundation (NFF) in support of our environmental commitment to help protect the green spaces of our world.

This first contribution qualifies SequoiaCX as a small business partner—joining a coalition of other businesses whose efforts help the replant and reforest areas selected by the U.S. Forest Service.

For every dollar contributed by small business partners, the National Forest Foundation is able to plant a tree. Through regular donations, small businesses across the country can help cultivate and protect shared public lands—benefitting all Americans.

To date, small businesses have helped the NFF plant over a quarter of a million trees!

Contributing to Long-Term Growth and Sustainability in Business and the Environment

Firefighters Battling California Wildfires
Firefighters Battling California Wildfires

So far this year, the West Coast has seen over 6.6 million acres burned (4.1 million in California alone) in the worst wildfire season on record.

Efforts to replant and reforest areas scarred by wildfires—and no megafires—help revitalize ecosystems, regenerate the land, and provide shelter for wildlife. It’s a long road to recovery—but through combined commitment small businesses, larger organizations, and ordinary citizens can help make a difference.

Please help us and join the cause by contributing to the National Forest Foundation and become a part of replanting and reforestation efforts that will help our National Parks and shared lands heal after this record wildfire season.

When you partner or do business with SequoiaCX—you’re contributing to giving back to the environment and joining our cause.

Future Growth

At SequoiaCX, one of our major operating goals is to donate a significant portion of our proceeds to nonprofits and charities—like the National Forest Foundation—to support environmental causes.

We believe that the world is a healthier and more inspiring place when wild spaces roam free and people are united in the cause to see them flourish.

We believe that people thrive in healthy environments that are maintained, leading to long-term growth and sustainability for all of us.

Together, through small and continuous efforts—we can provide inspiration to others and promote sustainable ecosystems for long-term growth and success.

If you’d like, you can learn more about SequoiaCX or our environmental causes and partnerships.